Night Guard Replacement: How Long Do Night Guards Last?

Night Guard Replacement

Many people wonder how long night guard lasts and when it’s time for a night guard replacement. Well, many factors affect the wear and tear of a night guard:

  • Age of the individual: Children’s teeth are constantly moving and growing, so their night guard will need to be replaced sooner to accommodate their growing and changing teeth.
  • Poor night guard maintenance: Not cleaning your night guard can cause bacteria to grow on the device. This can cause damage to the night guard and increase wear and tear. Also, washing it with hot water can weaken the plastic, and you may need a night guard replacement sooner than intended.
  • Using the wrong device: If you suffer from severe Bruxism, you shouldn’t wear a soft night guard because of the force you are clenching and grinding your teeth. It can cause extra wear on the device.
  • Consuming food and drink: Eating or drinking with your night guard in your mouth can weaken the material the device is made of, cause it to break, and discolor it.

How often should I replace my night guard? That depends on how you care for your device, your age, and using the correct type of night guard to fit the severity of Bruxism.

Night guards are designed to absorb the pressure of your teeth grinding and jaw clenching. This important device not only relieves your symptoms from jaw clenching but it protects your teeth from damage. That’s a big job to handle night after night which means, regularly swapping your mouth guards out is going to be very important. Some types of night guards last longer than others.

Replacing Soft Night Guards

Soft night guards get made from flexible rubber and are used mainly by people with mild Bruxism, light grinding, or those who clench their jaws. They offer wearers a comfortable fit in their mouths, but they tend to wear faster than hard night guards.

Soft night guard material is thinner than other types and isn’t durable for those with more severe symptoms. When used by people with mild jaw clenching, a soft night guard will need to get replaced every 6 to 12 months. It all depends on the wear and severity of your symptoms.

Hard Night Guard Replacement

Hard night guards are made from a hard, rigid material and are ideal for individuals who suffer from severe Bruxism. Some people may find it uncomfortable, and there may be an adjustment period when first wearing it, but hard night guards offer the most protection from jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

A hard night guard may last longer than a soft night guard because the material is made from a hard acrylic material to offer full protection from teeth grinding. They are less flexible and highly durable, meaning it’ll take much more force to wear and tear the night guard. As a result, hard night guards can last 1 to 5 years.

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How Often Does A Dual Laminate Night Guard Need To Be Replaced?

Dual laminate, also known as hybrid night guards, is best used by those with moderate to severe Bruxism. They are soft on the inside and hard on the outside to provide the durability and protection of a hard night guard and the comfort of a soft night guard.

Dentists may recommend the dual-laminate night guard depending on the severity of your teeth grinding and whether you have veneers or crowns. The soft inside can protect the dental work, and the hard outside will reduce the severe clenching. Dual laminate night guards can last between 1 and 5 years.

When Should I Replace My Night Guard?

Night guards can last between 6 months and 5 years, but how do you know when to replace them? There are tell-tale signs to keep an eye on:

  • You notice cuts or tears in the devices
  • You see warping, or the shape is deformed
  • The device is discolored
  • It starts to fray
  • The night guard no longer covers the teeth’s surface
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