WatchMyMouth is operated by a professional dental lab based in Queens, New York. We are a second-generation dental lab.  We have been in the business for over 25 years. We have a large customer base of dentists to whom we have already successfully delivered thousands of custom fitted night guards, crowns, dentures and other dental related items. We currently service dentists in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. With our goal is to make custom night guards accessible and affordable for many more customers. We are making it possible for customers to buy direct from us and save hundreds of dollars you would otherwise pay at your dentist’s office.


Our Night Guards Vs. Your Dentist’s Night Guards

We are supplying dentists with night guards and we know how expensive night guards can be if you buy them from your dentist. In most cases dentists will have at least a 300% markup for custom night guards. Therefore, night guards can sometimes cost you more than $500! Because you are bypassing the dentists, and buying direct from us, you are able to obtain the same exact night guards at an almost wholesale cost of only $109 each! Think of your purchase as a wholesale purchase! There are some cases where the dentist will provide additional services inclusive of the price of the night guard. For example, you may have certain jaw issues where you will need a dental night guard which will help you align your teeth and jaw in a certain way and where dentists will need perform certain adjustments. However, such cases are relatively rare and most people only need a night guard to protect against teeth grinding and clenching. Therefore, our product is precisely the same as what you would get at your dentist’s.

Our Goal and Commitment

Here at our lab we are only using the most superior BPA free and quality FDA approved materials. We are also using state of the art to equipment and methods to make each night guard. Each night guard is given special care and is made by a highly skilled dental technician to ensure the best possible custom fit!