Youth Mouth Guards You Can Count On

Don't let your child endure the lasting effects of teeth grinding. Let WatchMyMouth help ease the pain and discomfort of kids grinding teeth with a children's mouth guard. Our professional-quality youth mouth guards are BPA-free and designed to last.

Discover The Difference Children's Mouth Guards Can Make

It's so easy to get the right mouth guard for teeth grinding from WatchMyMouth. You can complete your entire order for a children's mouth guard from the comfort of your home. With our professional-quality and BPA-free teeth grinding mouth guard for kids, you can feel confident that any nighttime grinding or clenching from your child will not create ongoing enamel or tooth density issues.

What else may your child experience with ongoing teeth grinding or clenching? Some of the symptoms of bruxism (teeth grinding) include:

  • Tired or tight jaw muscles
  • Disruption of normal sleep patterns
  • Worn tooth enamel
  • Dull headache
  • Pain in the face, ears, jaws or neck
  • Biting the inside of your mouth, causing damage to your cheeks
  • Chipped, loose, fractured or flattened teeth
  • Sensitive teeth, causing pain

Let WatchMyMouth Help Relieve Your Child's Pain With Youth Mouth Guards

A more restful night's sleep for your child is just a simple click away. Browse our youth mouth guard selection to discover how WatchMyMouth can help. Shop today and find the relief your child needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Youth Mouth Guards

We know you probably have questions about our youth mouth guards and WatchMyMouth. We've gathered a few of the most common questions we get from customers and answered them for you below. If you have more questions about teeth grinding mouth guards for kids or WatchMyMouth, please visit our FAQ page.

How Should We Clean Our Child's Youth Mouth Guard?

We recommend that you or your child rinse or wash their youth mouth guard thoroughly each time your child places it in their mouth. It's easy to clean a children's mouth guard for grinding teeth with a soft toothbrush and soap.

How Does Your Replacement/Subscription Program Work?

After you purchase your initial youth mouth guard, we'll send you replacement children's mouth guards at regular intervals: three, four or six months. Your replacement subscription plan can be canceled at any time.