What Are the Different Types of Night Guards for Grinding?

We can offer you a few different options for your night guard based on your needs.

  • Upper or Lower? Most customers choose an upper guard. It's more comfortable and doesn't fight with your tongue like a lower guard does. However, some customers prefer the fit of a lower guard and choose it based on previous dental work or the recommendation of their dentist.
  • Thick or Thin? Whether you're a light, moderate or heavy grinder, we have your night guard for clenching teeth. The more you grind your teeth, the thicker your mouth guard needs to be.
  • Hard or Soft? You actually have three options. A hard night guard for teeth clenching is typically used for light grinders. A soft guard may be chosen in various thicknesses based on the level of teeth grinding. Finally, a hybrid version for moderate to severe grinders features a hard exterior and soft interior. The most popular style is the soft 3mm night guard, which is ideally suited to severe grinders and strong clenchers. All the materials we use are non-allergenic, BPA-Free and latex-free.

Get the Best Night Guard for Teeth Clenching

WatchMyMouth has been in business for over 25 years, so we have plenty of experience creating night guards for teeth clenching. Based in Queens, we've served dentists in New York and other nearby states. These days, we offer the same quality product to online customers. We'll create a customized night guard for grinding with the exact same high-quality materials and processes. Find out how to get the best mouth guard for grinding and clenching. Shop WatchMyMouth today!