Ordering Night Guards For Braces Is Easy

We make ordering a nighttime mouthguard for braces easy. Here's how it works:

  • Choose the type of guard that you want. You can select different styles and specify if you want your guard for your top or bottom teeth.
  • Receive a simple-to-use dental impression kit.
  • Follow the instructions for the fitting process.
  • Send us your dental impression in the postage-paid envelope.

You'll receive your perfectly-fitted, custom night guard for braces quickly and without risk, thanks to our 90-day money-back guarantee.

Dental-Office-Quality Sleeping Mouth Guard For Braces

We have more than 25 years of experience running a New York-based dental lab. We provide the same professional quality guards to alleviate teeth grinding with braces for home users that you'll find at your local dentist. Enjoy premium quality, affordable guards without the need for an office visit. Purchase your custom night guard for braces today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Night Guards for Braces

We've gathered some helpful answers to some common questions about sleeping mouth guards for braces.

What Type Of Night Guard Is Best for Teeth Grinding With Braces?

We offer several different types of night guards for braces so that you can find just the right thickness and hardness based on your preference and comfort. Our most popular mouth guard for braces is the soft 3 mm night guard. If you aren't sure which type to order, contact us for assistance.

What Materials Are Your Sleeping Mouth Guards For Braces Made From?

We use hypo-allergenic FDA-approved materials that are free from latex and BPA. Our hard night guards for braces are hard acrylic on the outside, and the soft guards are 100% thermoplastic.

How Often Should I Replace My Sleeping Mouth Guard for Braces?

Night guards for braces should be replaced at least every six months. Even if you clean your mouth guard properly, the material eventually wears out after months of nightly teeth grinding with braces.

How Does Your Mouth Guard for Braces Replacement Plan Work?

If you subscribe to our replacement plan, we will automatically send you a replacement sleeping mouth guard for braces after receiving the initial product. You choose the type of mouth guard for braces you want and your preferred schedule. You save money and enjoy free shipping — plus, it's risk-free because you can cancel at any time!