Who Needs a Night Guard for Grinding Teeth?

During a visit with your dentist, you may have been told you're grinding your teeth in your sleep. There are certain telltale signs that this has been happening. Your dental provider will likely recommend you wear a custom mouthguard for grinding teeth. Some of the symptoms of teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, include:

  • Flattened, fractured, loose or chipped teeth
  • Tooth enamel that's worn away to expose deeper layers
  • Sensitivity around your teeth
  • Jaw muscles that are tired, tight or unable to open and close properly
  • Dull headache or pain in the jaw, neck, face or ears
  • Damage to the inside of your cheek from biting
  • Disruption of sleep
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If you happen to notice your child is grinding their teeth while sleeping, be sure to talk to their dentist about getting a mouthguard for them. Nighttime teeth grinding is fairly common in children. Although it tends to go away when they reach adulthood, to avoid discomfort, your dentist will probably recommend a mouthpiece for grinding teeth.

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What is the Best Teeth Grinding Guard?

A custom mouth guard for grinding teeth is your best bet. When a mouthguard is custom-fitted, it does a much better job protecting the teeth than a mouthguard that you purchase over the counter.

What Causes Bruxism?

There are several reasons why someone may need a night guard for grinding teeth, including:

  • Strong Emotional State: Anger, frustration, anxiety and stress can all lead to bruxism.
  • Medications: Grinding your teeth may be a side effect of certain prescription drugs.
  • Smoking & Drinking: Tobacco, caffeine, alcohol and recreational drugs have been associated with bruxism.
  • Heredity: If someone in your family grinds their teeth in their sleep, you may, too.
  • Certain Diseases: Parkinson's, dementia, GERD, epilepsy, sleep apnea and ADHD have been linked to bruxism.
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