5 Benefits of Soft Mouth Guards

Grinding and clenching your teeth in your sleep can cause you to experience severe pain and could even cause lasting damage to your teeth. Although there is a wide array of options available in terms of treating the clenching and grinding of your jaw, the best option would be to use a comfortable night guard to prevent more damage from occurring.

Bruxism is a condition concerning the grinding and clenching of teeth. The treatment needed will be dependent upon the severity of your Bruxism. Treatment options range from different medications to mouth guards or dental splints, and even Botox!

However, when it comes to preventing damage, a comfortable mouth guard will prevent teeth from grinding. In addition, mouth guards create a barrier between your teeth and thus alleviate the pressure in your jaw. Not only does this offer your jaw relief, but the mouth guard prevents your teeth from sustaining more damage.

Comfortable Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding

Should you choose to use a mouth guard, the next reasonable step would be to find out the most comfortable night guard. There are different kinds of mouth guards: soft mouth guards, hard mouth guards, and hybrid mouth guards- these are a mixture of soft and hard mouth guards, including:

  • Soft mouth guards are made from a more elastic and pliant material, meaning that the material is gentle enough to stop your teeth from clenching without putting added pressure on your jaw.
  • Hard mouth guards are made from acrylic, and this is material will not be as flexible in your mouth as soft mouth guards. Therefore, hard mouth guards are well suited to people with extreme cases of Bruxism.
  • Hybrid mouth guards are slightly thicker and are made of a laminate material which is more rigid than soft mouth guards. As a result, hybrid mouth guards have a hard exterior but a soft interior.


Benefits to Using a Soft Mouth Guard

When it comes to comfortable sleeping and choosing the best possible night guard to ensure a good night’s rest, a thin mouth guard for teeth grinding would be ideal. Thin mouth guards are more commonly referred to as soft mouth guards.

The benefits to using soft night guards are:

Soft Mouth Guards Are More Comfortable in Your Mouth

Soft mouth guards are made from a medical-grade material, as well as containing latex and being BPA-free! Meaning that not only will this mouth guard be more pliable and flexible in your mouth, but the thin material will stop your teeth from clenching without causing you discomfort.

Soft mouth guards have been preferred over hard mouth guards as they are more comfortable to use. In addition, having to sleep with a night guard can be uncomfortable at first, and a soft mouth guard can help you get used to the feeling.

Mouth Guards Help Prevent Headaches and Reduce Jaw Pain

The grinding and clenching of teeth can cause you many health issues. Among these problems are things like headaches, muscle fatigue, earaches, and even neck pain. This strain and the damage that occurs from teeth grinding can result in severe complications.

Soft mouth guards are ideal in helping you in this manner because they give your jaw a break from all of the tension it typically experiences while preventing further damage from happening because of the materials used to make the soft mouth guard.

No More Snoring!

Although it may seem trivial, snoring is something that a lot of people deal with. Soft mouth guards help you to sleep and breathe better and thus reduce or eliminate snoring.

When you clench your jaw repeatedly while you sleep, it leads to breathing problems and eventually snoring as a way to get the air your body needs. Soft mouth guards relieve the tension in your jaw, and thus your snoring as well!

Soft Mouth Guards Promote Healthier Sleeping Patterns

Using a soft night guard will alleviate and soothe the tension in your jaw, and this will help you get the rest that you deserve! Mouth guards help reduce the stress in our jaw, relieve the pressure, and guarantee that you get a better and healthier sleeping pattern.

Soft Mouth Guards Are Cost-Effective

Soft mouth guards are more cost-effective than other mouth guards which means you get a top quality product at a great value. Both your mouth and your wallet will thank you!

WatchMyMouth is a company that specializes in creating custom mouth guards to suit your specific needs. For more information about how it works or to find out how to get started with your mouthguard order feel free to contact us today. In just four easy steps, your customized mouth guard will be delivered right to your door.