How To Get Used To Sleeping With A Night Guard

Better Sleep with a Night Guard Begins with Choosing the Right One

Knowing how to get used to sleeping with your night guard will give you peace of mind and relieve your Bruxism symptoms. You deserve a peaceful sleep, and a custom-made night guard will fit perfectly in your mouth. There are three types of night guards – hard night guard, soft night guard, and dual laminate guard.

  • Hard night guard: A hard night guard won’t be flexible in your mouth and gets made from hard acrylic.
  • Soft night guard: Soft nights guards get made from a soft, flexible material.
  • Dual laminate guard: A unique night guard made with a hard exterior and soft interior.

Keeping Your Night Guard Clean is Essential for Sleeping with a Night Guard

You can get better sleep with a night guard when you clean it well. Cleaning your night guard will keep it from growing bacteria and mold, which can cause a foul odor and reduce the life expectancy of your device.

Ways to Keep Your Night Guard Clean

  • Soak the night guard in an antiseptic mouthwash
  • Use a mild toothpaste and soft bristle toothbrush and brush the night guard
  • Use a mild soap and rinse with warm water to clean the night guard
  • Wash the night guard with hydrogen peroxide and vinegar
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How to Sleep with a Nightguard

Adjust to Sleeping with a Night Guard

Having a new device in your mouth can be awkward and uncomfortable initially, but when you know how to sleep with a night guard and position it correctly in your mouth, you will have a better sleep. You can adapt to sleeping with a night guard by getting the right fit.

  • When you first receive the night guard, wear it for an hour or two before bed to get used to the feeling.
  • Consider wearing only the lower or upper piece of the night guard for a night or two until you’re used to the feeling of having a device in your mouth.
  • If there is soreness or pain when wearing the night guard, you may need a fit adjustment.
  • Night guards aren’t the same as orthodontic retainers and won’t go all the way to the gum.
  • When placing the night guard in your mouth, ensure it fits snuggly and securely holds your teeth. It can be uncomfortable if it isn’t placed in the proper position or at an angle.

Be Patient When Sleeping with Your Night Guard

Be patient with your night guard. You won’t be comfortable wearing it the first few nights – even a couple of weeks – but eventually, it will feel as though it is second nature. So, be sure to keep wearing it, or you won’t get accustomed to it as fast as you would if you did.

Your night guard can’t do its job unless you give it a chance to work and maintain it. Insert your night guard correctly and ensure it feels natural, or it may be hard to sleep.

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There are many tips for sleeping with a night guard, but one of the most important is getting a custom fit. Everyone’s mouth is different, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all comfortable solution. When you opt for a custom night guard by WatchMyMouth, you will receive a custom night guard kit straight to your door! Contact us for more information and take the step to care for your teeth today!

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