What are Mouth Guards For?

The Purpose of a Mouth Guard

Dental mouth guards are reasonably thin devices that rest on your teeth to create a barrier between the upper and lower jaw. This barrier protects your teeth, cheek, and tongue from damage caused by teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

There are various types of mouth guards available:

  • Boil and bite mouth guards: This is a thermoplastic material that gets shaped to fit your teeth perfectly. The mouth guard gets placed in hot water, then applied to your mouth, and molded to your teeth. Remove the mold and run it under cold water to allow it to harden. Should the mold be made incorrectly, it can be reheated and the process repeated.
  • Over-the-counter mouth guards: These are the least recommended of all mouth guards. They are normally a one-size-fits-all device and can cause your teeth to shift, and you may wake up with more pain than you had in the beginning. In addition, they are bulky and not fit for your teeth.
  • Custom-made mouth guards: This is the best solution to your needs. They get professionally molded to the shape of your teeth and made by professionals to ensure the right fit. A custom-made mouth guard gets made using high-quality materials and is designed for your comfort while sleeping.

Mouth guards can last for years if taken care of. It all depends on the wear and tear. If you have more severe teeth grinding symptoms, you might replace the mouth guard more often than the average user. Children will replace their mouth guards every six months because their teeth and mouth change as they grow.

Are Dental Mouth Guards Worth It?

Absolutely, dental mouth guards are worth it! Mouth guards separate your upper and lower teeth to ensure no contact between them, preventing damage if you grind your teeth in your sleep.

Along with protecting teeth from Bruxism symptoms, mouth guards are used among children and adults who play contact sports. The purpose of mouth guards is to protect your mouth from possible trauma. Mouth guards for teeth grinding or use during sports will look and feel different from one another.

There are many advantages to wearing a mouth guard at night, including:

  • Prevent chipped or cracked teeth from teeth grinding
  • Prevent damage to the cheeks, tongue, lips, and gums
  • Nerve damage
  • Save money on painful dental work
  • Improved sleep

Mouth guards are also great for people with dental implants, braces, and dental bridges. They will protect the soft tissue and implants from damage should you suffer from Bruxism symptoms.

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What are Mouth Guards For

Best Practices To Follow In Conjunction With Mouth Guard Use

Custom-made mouth guards are comfortable to use and perfectly designed to fit your mouth. In addition to mouth guards, you can help lessen Bruxism symptoms by doing the following:

  • Reduce your stress. Look into meditation, therapy, or relaxation techniques before bed to help reduce your stress. Exercise is also an excellent way to keep stress at bay!
  • Reduce the intake of caffeine, alcohol, and smoking.
  • Abnormally aligned teeth can cause back and forth grinding of teeth. Find out by your dentist the different options for aligning your teeth.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for checkups to identify any wear on your teeth and help give you additional solutions to your Bruxism problems.
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What is the purpose of a mouth guard? To protect your teeth, gums, tongue, and cheeks from the effects of Bruxism. The best mouth guard to use at night is custom-made. Custom mouth cards are worth it because they are designed to the shape of your mouth to maximize comfort and protection.

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