Best Mouth Guard for Kids: Learn How to Stop a Child from Grinding Their Teeth at Night at Watch My Mouth

Did you know that  3 out of 10 children grind their teeth before they reach the age of 5? While they often outgrow it by age 6, some children continue to suffer from teeth grinding at night.

Investing in the best mouth guards for kids can prevent jaw issues, headaches, and tooth damage. In addition, a good mouth guard will effectively protect teeth, making it an investment they will appreciate as they get older.

As your little one grows, their bodies go through a wide range of changes, and some may experience symptoms of teeth grinding at night. If your child is grinding or clenching their teeth when they sleep, they have likely developed a case of bruxism.

Symptoms of Bruxism

The first step in helping children with bruxism is to figure out if they are experiencing any symptoms of teeth grinding or clenching. That way, you can know how to stop a child from grinding their teeth at night. Possible signs and symptoms of bruxism in kids are:

  • Your child makes grinding noises in their sleep.
  • They experience pain in their upper and lower teeth while chewing something.
  • They wake up and complain of face pain or a sore jaw.

If your child has experienced any of these symptoms, then the best course of action would be to get them to a dentist so that they can evaluate their teeth. Chipped teeth and enamel or unusual signs of wear and tear on the teeth could be because of the bruxism your child may have developed.

The dentist will usually test the sensitivity and level of pain your child experiences by spraying air and water on their teeth. This will help the dentist determine the seriousness of the bruxism.

Why Does My Child Grind Their Teeth At Night?

Parents' most common question is: "Why do kids grind their teeth at night?" The answer is quite simple. Your child could be grinding their teeth as a result of the following:

Miss-aligned Teeth

Your child could have a misaligned top and bottom jaw. As a result, your child's teeth grind together as they sleep because they do not align well. In these cases, your child will most likely grow out of grinding their teeth at night as their jaws slowly align to the correct position. Jaw alignment can occur naturally or if your child wears braces.

Pain Relief

As foolish as it might sound, children do grind their teeth at night as a way to find pain relief. When children are asleep, they subconsciously grind their teeth to cope with the pain they may be feeling.

Stressful Situations

Not all children handle change well. When children experience a change in their environment, they can feel stressed. Whether the change comes from a new school or a new sibling, your child may be using teeth grinding as a way to self-soothe.

How To Stop A Child From Grinding Their Teeth At Night?

It can be challenging to determine the best way to treat teeth grinding and clenching in a child's mouth. Treatment options for kids have to be carefully considered to ensure that there is no damage to their teeth due to treatment. You can use one of the following options to treat bruxism for your child, providing that the dentist approves of it.

Muscle Relaxants

Depending on the severity of the grinding, your child’s pediatrician and the dentist may prescribe a muscle relaxant to help alleviate the pressure your child is placing on their jaw.

Mouth Guards For Kids

If your child plays contact sports, you may already be familiar with youth mouth guards. Team players wear a sports mouth guard to protect their teeth from being harmed during the game. The same principle applies to custom-fit mouth guards that provide superior protection for teeth while your child sleeps at night.

A teeth grinding mouth guard for kids is one of the best solutions for teeth grinding. Of course, the best course of action for your child's teeth would be to adhere to the dentist's advice.

The Best Mouth Guard For Kids

Knowing how to stop kids from grinding their pearly whites is the first step to give them relief and protect teeth at night. Kids need special bite mouth guards. The best kind is a soft custom-fit mouth guard that won't cause damage or harm to their teeth.

When it comes to creating a pliable, high-quality youth mouth guard with a comfortable fit, WatchMyMouth has got you covered. If your dentist approves, your child could have their mouth guard in a matter of days. For information about getting started with your order, visit our How It Works page. Contact us today for more details.