What Causes Teeth Grinding? Discover the Causes & Effects of Teeth Grinding at Watch My Mouth

Symptoms & Causes of Teeth Grinding

If you find yourself waking up with a sore jaw, sensitive teeth, or perhaps a headache, you may be suffering the effects of teeth grinding. Whether it’s stress, lifestyle habits, or sleep issues, there are many different causes of teeth grinding. 

What Causes Teeth Grinding?

There are many causes of teeth grinding, although it is usually present in people experiencing one of five core emotions. For example, those experiencing high levels of stress, frustration, anger, pain, or anxiety typically suffer from the grinding and clenching of teeth.

Bruxism is not a voluntary action. In fact, Bruxism is the gnashing, clenching, and grinding of teeth during sleep as a subconscious response to high levels of emotions. This is a disorder that can develop during turbulent times, but it is a disorder that can last for long periods of time in which damage sustained will have long-term effects.

Bruxism is not something that you can easily dismiss, as it often leads to permanent and extremely painful damage to the teeth, jaw, and gums. In addition, grinding teeth at night can cause extensive damage as you have no control over both the pressure nor the length of time you grind your teeth.

Grinding Teeth at Night Symptoms

Waking up with sore and aching teeth, a sore jaw, headaches, and even tension spreading up from your head to your neck are all symptoms of teeth grinding. These symptoms are common, but teeth grinding can present itself in many other ways. You could even find yourself clenching your jaw without realizing it through your day!

Some frequently asked questions that people often have is, “Can grinding teeth cause ear pain?” Or “Can grinding our teeth give you headaches?” The answer is yes! The grinding of teeth during the night puts a strain and enormous stress on the muscles in your neck, face, ears, and jaw, meaning that it is not all that unlikely for you to develop a headache or earache in response.

Effects of Teeth Grinding

Effects of Teeth Grinding

Symptoms can vary from person to person, but one common is the wearing down and damage of teeth. Unfortunately, grinding your teeth does inevitably erode, crack and even break the enamel in your teeth. 

The effects of grinding, clenching, and gnashing your teeth can be painful. Common side effects include:

  • Sensitive teeth that are caused by wearing down the enamel
  • Damage to the jaw and gums as a result of hyperactivity and the wearing down of teeth
  • Severely damaged, cracked, and even broken teeth
  • The development of serious disorders such as TMJ syndrome
  • Experiencing huge migraines
  • Sore muscles in the face, neck, and jaw
  • Earaches as a result of the stress on the facial muscles

You could suffer from the long-term effects of grinding for years to come unless you take proactive steps towards getting control of your Bruxism.

Treatment Options For Teeth Grinding

Treating Bruxism goes beyond solving the cause of the sleep disorder. The treatment now expands to include the steps to not only avoid further damage but manage the damage that has already occurred. 

The following treatment options are available for those who suffer from Bruxism:

Therapy Can Help Reduce Teeth Grinding

You can get therapy to address the underlying issues, such as stress, trauma, and emotions. Therapy can help you cope with your busy life and teach you how to relax your jaw to prevent the teeth grinding from occurring so intensely.

Dental Splints

Dental splints are soft pieces of plastic that are used as a barrier between your upper and lower jawline. It will help to keep our teeth from touching and lessen the impact of clenching your jaw. However, in most cases, it would be more beneficial to use a mouth guard instead.

Mouth Guards Prevent Damage To Your Teeth

Mouthguards are a highly effective way to take care of your teeth while actively preventing further damage from happening. The best course of action would be to order a mouthguard from a company that can provide a quality mouthguard for a worthy price.

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