Hygiene 101: How Long Do Night Guards Last?

Have you had your night guard for years and wondered how long do night guards last or when to replace night guard? Night guards are excellent devices that protect your teeth from the effects of teeth grinding, and having a high-quality night guard will ensure your smile stays protected for longer.

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a widespread condition that affects children and adults. Bruxism can happen at any time, in some cases during the day or at night in your sleep. Many people are not aware that they grind or clench their teeth. They only start to notice once their teeth start to wear. Wearing a night guard that lasts 6 months or longer will improve night rest and protect your teeth.

How Long is the Life of the Night Guard

A night guard for bruxism should last between 6 months and 3 years in most cases. There are a few factors to consider when determining how often to replace night guard:

  1. What kind of night guard do you have, and how good is it?
  2. How severe are your grinding and clenching?
  3. How well do you maintain your night guard? 

You will eventually have to replace your night guard with a fresh one. You may want to consider getting a high-quality guard as they last much longer than generic guards. Night guards come in various styles and sizes to accommodate different grinding levels.

Severe grinding or clenching does shorten the lifespan of your night guard. A custom night guard will typically last longer than other night guards.

When to Replace Night Guard?

Even the most durable night guard will need to be changed at some point because it absorbs the entire force of your jaw muscles every night. The length of time a person wears a night guard is usually determined by how often they use it, the thickness, their teeth grinding habits, cleaning, and storage. 

It's critical to recognize when a new night guard is required. Some evidence of wear that indicates it's time to replace your night guard include:

  1. What kind of night guard do you have, and how good is it?
  2. On the night guard, there is some form of discoloration.
  3. The night guard has cracks, tears, or holes in it.
  4. Your night guard is no longer a good fit for your mouth.
  5. You've had some dental work done on you.

Your teeth can be damaged if you have a night guard that doesn't fit well, is broken, or is worn. A proper fit for a night guard can help prevent pain, stiffness in the jaw, and misalignment of the teeth. 

Substantial cracks, loosening of your guard, alterations to your teeth, or an excessive buildup of bacteria are all reasons to say goodbye and replace your current night guard. It is always a good idea to speak to your dentist when you need to get your first guard or replace the current one.


How Do I Find the Right Night Guard?

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